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SecureDelete for Mac OS X

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SecureDelete Lite

SecureDelete 2.0

SecureDelete 2.0 is both a full-featured application and Service that allows you to secure delete on a per-item basis from anywhere, rather than having to secure empty your entire Trash. SecureDelete also allows you to securely delete your Safari browser data with just a single click (Support for additional browsers will be included in future updates).

As a Service, simply right-click any item, or items, on your screen and select Secure Delete. Plus, with the optional “Expanded View” you can always modify your selections - should you suddenly change your mind.

As a Dock application, just drag your files to the Dock icon. It's like having your own personal secure document shredder!.

SecureDelete as a Service, or in the Dock, never runs in the background full time. It is an on-demand application that simply waits patiently until called into action, saving precious system resources.


  • Runs in the Dock, or as a Service and contextual menu.
  • Secure delete one or multiple items on the fly, just by dragging or right-clicking.
  • Drag files to SecureDelete in the Dock. Like having your own personal secure document shredder!
  • Select from three different security levels and additional options for piece of mind.
  • Don't just clear your Safari browser data, Secure Delete it instantly with a single click!
  • Optionally choose to bypass the confirmation prompt before deleting.
  • Optional “Expanded View” to check or modify selections before deleting.
  • Application only runs when needed, saving precious system resources.

SecureDelete is a must-have application that helps make “Better Personal Security” fast and convenient - And we can all use a little of that!


New in Version 2.0

  • Now runs as both a Dock application and a background Service.
  • Completely configurable via new Preferences window.
  • Secure delete Safari browser data with a single click.
  • In-app help file included.
  • Updated the application icon.
  • Interface improvements.
  • Now features automatic updates.

Installation Notes

SecureDelete Lite users - Simply drag SecureDelete Lite to the Trash, and Empty Trash. Then install SecureDelete 2.0.


  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • Intel, 64-bit processor